News and events

We hold bi-weekly reading groups and monthly lab meetings, in addition to regularly presenting at local, regional or international events such as conferences, seminars, and Graduate Study Days.

News and events (since 2018)


9 December 2021. Inaugural lecture with concert of three Professors in Music: Dorothy Ker, Dom McHugh, and Renee Timmers

12 November 2021. NEMUR organised by Sheffield featuring sessions on research methods related to physiology, synchronisation and Bayesian statistics.

4 November 2021. Publication of Together in Music: Coordination, expression, participation with OUP. See brief video introductions for more detail.

1 Sep 2021. Several new publications - multiple from Shen Li on interactions between sound and body in the perception, performance and teaching of timbre.

1 Sep 2021. Pre-order of 'Together in Music: Coordination, expression, participation' is available

28-31 July 2021. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC16-ESCOM11)

1 June 2021. Justin Christensen joins the Department of Music and MMM to work with Jenni MacRitchie on the development of music technology for older adults.

1 April 2021. The British Academy supports workshops for early career researchers from ODA countries as part of ICMPC16-ESCOM11

1 March 2021. Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey starts her Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research fellowship on The Orchestra in Afghanistan

1-5 Feb 2021. Cross-European Winter School on Musical Ability. (virtual winter school)

1 Feb 2021. Jennifer MacRitchie starts her Future Research Fellowship on designing musical technologies to help people with dementia


15 Dec 2020. Deadline for job application: Postdoctoral Researcher working on 'Music and technology for the health and wellbeing of older adults'

13 November 2020. Online meeting on Mapping music for wellbeing in Sheffield.

1 Nov 2020. Shen Li starts her postdoc at China Central Normal University in Wuhan!

October 2020. Launch of four videos on 'Connecting through music' across the lifespan - from infants to later in life.

October 2020. Lot's of new publications - on synesthesia, teaching of expressive performance, embodied concepts of piano timbre and dynamic perception of auditory streams.

1 Sept 2020. Nicola Pennill starts her postdoc at RNCM!

August 2020. Launch of a new study on 'Music and coping with Covid-19'

1 August 2020. UKRI funded research project starts that will investigate 'The impact of Covid-19 on the cultural ecology of Sheffield - a case study of impact and recovery'

3 July 2020. Webinar and launch of Podcasts on Synaesthesia, Expression and Music & Space. 9.30am-10.30pm

17 June 2020. Webinar on Music for wellbeing in Sheffield. 11am-12am

January 2020. Official graduation of Dr Nicola Pennill


12 Dec 2019 Naomi Ziv presents on Pro-peace or anti-war? The influence of protest songs on emotions toward ingroup and outgroup in conflict

12 Oct 2019 Sound Teaching: Workshops for teachers on expression, communication and creativity in music performance

19 June 2019 Families and music: An interdisciplinary perspective on fostering family bonding (Mexico City)

July 2019 Official graduation of Dr Henrique Meissner

14 January 2019 Ensemble network symposium: Expressiveness and nonverbal communication in ensemble performance.


20-27 Sept 2018 Colourama: A synaesthesia experience, installation and podcast presentation at the Festival of the Mind.

July 2018 Official graduation of Dr Ioanna Filippidi

12-14 April 2018 Together in music: expression, performance and communication in ensembles. (York)