News and events

We hold bi-weekly reading groups and monthly lab meetings, in addition to regularly presenting at local, regional or international events such as conferences, seminars, and Graduate Study Days.

Featured: Participate in our international study on Coping with lockdown and Covid19

Conferences and events (since 2018)


28-31 July 2021. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC16-ESCOM11)

1-5 Feb 2021. Cross-European Winter School on Musical Ability. (virtual winter school)

1 Feb 2021. Jennifer MacRitchie starts her Future Research Fellowship on designing musical technologies to help people with dementia


15 Dec 2020. Deadline for job application: Postdoctoral Researcher working on 'Music and technology for the health and wellbeing of older adults'

13 November 2020. Online meeting on Mapping music for wellbeing in Sheffield.

1 Nov 2020. Shen Li starts her postdoc at China Central Normal University in Wuhan!

October 2020. Launch of four videos on 'Connecting through music' across the lifespan - from infants to later in life.

October 2020. Lot's of new publications - on synesthesia, teaching of expressive performance, embodied concepts of piano timbre and dynamic perception of auditory streams.

1 Sept 2020. Nicola Pennill starts her postdoc at RNCM!

August 2020. Launch of a new study on 'Music and coping with Covid-19'

1 August 2020. UKRI funded research project starts that will investigate 'The impact of Covid-19 on the cultural ecology of Sheffield - a case study of impact and recovery'

3 July 2020. Webinar and launch of Podcasts on Synaesthesia, Expression and Music & Space. 9.30am-10.30pm

17 June 2020. Webinar on Music for wellbeing in Sheffield. 11am-12am

January 2020. Official graduation of Dr Nicola Pennill


12 Dec 2019 Naomi Ziv presents on Pro-peace or anti-war? The influence of protest songs on emotions toward ingroup and outgroup in conflict

12 Oct 2019 Sound Teaching: Workshops for teachers on expression, communication and creativity in music performance

19 June 2019 Families and music: An interdisciplinary perspective on fostering family bonding (Mexico City)

July 2019 Official graduation of Dr Henrique Meissner

14 January 2019 Ensemble network symposium: Expressiveness and nonverbal communication in ensemble performance.


20-27 Sept 2018 Colourama: A synaesthesia experience, installation and podcast presentation at the Festival of the Mind.

July 2018 Official graduation of Dr Ioanna Filippidi

12-14 April 2018 Together in music: expression, performance and communication in ensembles. (York)