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Functions of music

Emotion, aesthetics and meaning

Performance and interaction

Functions of music

Music making, music listening, and musical manipulation in everyday and extraordinary circumstances

Music listening in displaced communities

Musical biofeedback loop to facilitate sleep

Transgressing listening boundaries

Musical imagery as conditioned by everyday music listening

Fostering social cohesion through music

Mapping music for wellbeing Sheffield

Emotion, aesthetics and meaning

Multisensory and emotional experiences of music, musical affordances, and cross-cultural meanings of music

Music-colour synaesthesia: a conceptual correspondence

Statistical music generation and its aesthetic affordances

Emotion perception in speech and music in hearing impaired listeners

A constructionist account of emotion in music

Pleasure and perception of consonance and dissonance

Interactions between emotion and cognition in music listening

Performance and interaction

Expressiveness, ensemble rehearsal and communication, joint musical action, embodied interaction

Music technology for older adults

VoiceWorks - Singing related techniques for ILO

Renee Timmers, Michael Bonshor and collaborators

Empathy and musical interaction

An enactive theory of musical development

Teaching and learning of expressive music performance

Conceptualisation and embodiment of piano timbre