This collaborative project is conducted in collaboration with Arts in Health, led by Mir Jansen of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. It was made possible by Arts Council funding for Arts in Health, and HEIF and Festival of the Mind for Sheffield collaborators.

People involved:

University of Sheffield: Renee Timmers, Michael Bonshor, Emily Cooper, Chris Bevan

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals: Mir Jansen, Karen Esposito


2x 10 workshops were organised for people with Irreducible Laryngeal Obstruction (ILO). These workshops featured singing-related techniques and singing to support people with ILO in their confidence and enjoyment of using their voice.

Research and Festival of the Mind

A research project was conducted by Emily Cooper and the VoiceWorks team to investigate benefits and challenges of participation in the workshops for people with ILO and aspects of delivery of the workshops that were seen as beneficial or challenging.

Illustration of the workshops and outcomes of the research are reported at the Festival of The Mind, 15-25 Sept 2022.

Chris Bevan facilitated the online and hybrid delivery of the workshops and composed a Sonic Arts piece for the Festival of the Mind.