Our partners

Depending on the focus of the research project, we collaborate with community and health services, music educators, music groups, charities and business. A few examples of the involvement of partners include to following:

  • Partners with a shared interest in music & dementia care (Sheffield Social Care, Care homes, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)

  • Music teachers from Cambridge are involved in action research (Meissner, PhD project)

  • A musical biofeedback loop to facilitate sleep is developed in collaboration with Sheffield-based company Braintrain2020 (Kirk, PhD project)

  • Audiologist Dr Harriet Crook (Royal Hallamshire Hospital) is collaborator on project on emotion perception in speech and music in hearing impaired listeners (Metcalfe, PhD project)

  • Arts in Health (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) is collaborator on projects related to applications of music for revalidation and wellbeing (Mapping music for wellbeing, Music & hearing loss, VoiceWorks)

  • Moor Allerton Hall school - unit for children with hearing loss (contact Danny West and Sean Chandler).

  • Overseas partners are involved in GCRF funded projects (Social impacts of music-making, Colombia; Music & Families, Mexico).

  • The ICMPC16-ESCOM11 conference was co-organised with academic colleagues in Australia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, India, Lithuania,, Mexico, Poland, and South Africa,

Furthermore, we regularly organise events that create opportunities for knowledge exchange, for example in the form of workshops in which partners and researchers play an active role.

If you are interested in collaborating with us as a partner, please do get in touch:

Renee Timmers: r.timmers@sheffield.ac.uk

Nicola Dibben: n.dibben@sheffield.ac.uk

Jennifer MacRitchie [on maternity leave]

Justin Christensen: j.christensen@sheffield.ac.uk