Sheffield University's Music Mind Machine (MMM) research centre launched three new podcasts

BBC Radio 3 and Music in the Round's Tom McKinney introduce three new podcasts exploring musical experience. Watch Tom interview three researchers from the Department of Music to discuss music-colour synaesthesia, expressiveness in music and music's relationship to space.

Music-colour synaesthesia with Caroline Curwen

Do you have a sensation of colour on hearing music? We invite you to share an insight into synaesthetic experiences that can happen when listening to music. Hear first hand from synaesthetes and researchers about music-colour synaesthesia and its influence on music perception.

Caroline Curwen

Professor Renee Timmers

Listen here:

Music and expressivity with Dr Henrique Meissner

Is there more to music than just the notes? Tom McKinney chats to Renee, Shen and Henrique about the creation and perception of expression in music as well as how we learn to play expressively. This episode features the musicians of Ensemble 360.

Professor Renee Timmers

Dr Shen Li

Dr Henrique Meissner

Ruth Gibson

Tim Horton

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Music and space with Jacob Downs

In this podcast, members of the centre take us on a journey through music's inextricable relationship to space, sounding out the ways in which music can both connect us to and divorce us from our physical environments, including insights into how technologies enable us to segment and manipulate sonic space in our everyday lives.

Professor Nikki Dibben

Jacob Downs

Kate Wareham

Konstantinos Vlachos

Listen here:

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